Children's Camp is an annual event sponsored by Sika and Hoval companies.
Organized since 2004 and supported by volunteer scouts of Nicolae Balcescu, the project aims to encourage and reward academic progress.



New and challenging games, fun and discipline, new places and new children, gifts from sponsors, small tasks to fulfill, party at the end, the care with which they are surrounded by the adults, all these make them feel as what they really are: children.



For the team of organizers and volunteers, the camp means hard work that begins long before its development and continues until the evaluation phase.

A working day in the camp means 16-17 hours, the wake up bell to the assessment of the day. The way in which volunteers offer their contribution to the organization and conduct of the camp, with joy and without hold backs, by the method (scout method), without material reward, makes this a great experience for children.

Here are some of the "assessments" children: "I ​​learned to organize my time", "I've made ​​new friends that I love and I miss already," "I felt pampered."


Editions of "Sika - Hoval" camp:


2004 Slănic Moldova, Bacău

2005 Izvorul Muntelui, Neamţ

2006 Sâncrai, Covasna

2007 Constanţa

2008 Constanţa

2009 Constanţa

2010 Timișu de Jos - Brașov

2011 Timișu de Jos - Brașov

2012 Constanța

2013 Constanța

2014 Brasov