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Improving quality of life in rural communities in Romania was a concern that gave the theme of the 7th International Seminar YANA.



After the introduction seminar to organic farming and assisted composting organized the previous year ( June 30 - July 3, 2011 ) at Marpod (Sibiu county), Yana Foundation organized this year an intensive practical program of composting in the  Nicolae Bălcescu village, Bacau county, in order to show to the participants specifically composting process and its importance in organic farming .

In this sense, the program was designed as a succession of theoretical presentations and practical work in various places.

The use of the natural resources, acquiring environmentally healthy practices and protecting the environment have been our key themes .

We had in mind particularly to provide practical solutions to typical rural family in Romania, with limited financial resources but who can have a valuable resource: a piece of cultivable land or a garden.

In the foreground there were topics such as: the basic characteristics of organic farming, composting techniques, permaculture, and the chances of organic agriculture in Romania.

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Seminar on organic farming

June 30 – July 2, 2011

Sibiu - Romania

This summer , YANA Foundation continued the tradition started years ago by organizing seminars to facilitate the exchange of new information and practical knowledge implemented both in the social projects that they carry, as well as everyday life of the participants.



Thus, between 30th of June and 2nd of July 2011, a seminar was held in Marpod - Sibiu county, dedicated to organic farming, in which, besides the information and know -how of the conference, the participants had also the opportunity and ability to see some organic farming projects which have already started in Romania .

The seminar brought together participants from various fields of activity, having as a common point gardening in their own household or small farmland. Thus, in addition to social workers in the YANA Foundation or other charitable organizations, among participants were included small farmers, breeders, vegetable growers, fruit growers, vine grower and amateur gardeners.

The following is a chronicle of this seminar: