Support for elderly


Yana provides support services for elderly in Bacau and Bucharest.

The role of this project is to detect and intervene for elderly living in extreme poverty and disease.

We operate both in urban and rural areas, especially in isolated villages with roads that are accessible only a few months per year.

Our beneficiaries are elderly in difficult situations: inadequate housing in terms of the equipment in the electricity, lack of heating, hygiene, often combined with insufficient and unbalanced food.

These external conditions are often accompanied by social loneliness and family abandonment, which makes home visits not only an opportunity to ascertain the needs and assess the possibilities for intervention but also moral support, otherwise absent.


In this field, our actions are achieved through:

- Material support material for purchasing fuel for the winter.
- Help to get a better food (mostly the basic foods).
- If necessary, help to renovate housing and sanitation of the houses in advanced condition of degradation.