For the fifth consecutive year, we have organized International Camp LĂRGUȚA, in partnership with the Jesuit Order in Romania and Liechtensteinisches Gymnasium Vaduz, Liechtenstein, between 7 to 14 September.

Participants in this camp have worked for the benefit of families, elderly and children in need, reflected on non-violent communication, visited monasteries and other representative points for Romanian culture.

We want to thank them from our heart, and also to our partners, Jesuits Brothers and Liechtensteinisches Gymnazium Vaduz, young volunteers, sponsors, everyone who animate this project!




Work, spirituality and culture camp LARGUTA 2012


Text written by Iulian BUDĂU SJ


Continuing a tradition of four years already, I reached a helping hand to the Romanian - Liechtenstein crew who prepared this year’s camp. 16 young people from Liechtenstein, together with two accompanying teachers and one volunteer put together with ten more from our side, plus a crew of accompanying volunteers made ​​up of social workers, Jesuit workers, did wonders together.


The collaboration between YANA Foundation, the Jesuits and a school in Vaduz gains age, wisdom and team spirit. 78 coordinated hands by hearts and minds set to serve the others made possible that in only three days a house foundation was built starting at the land level and finishing at 1, 70 m height in the valley. Also, they decorated a new day care center for needy children and they have built a fence and a porch for a family with great difficulty, not forgetting the installation of stoves and firewood chopping for a poor and mentally beaten couple.

The formula already tested in the past years is almost magical. Sleeping is in tents near. Lărguţa. In the morning, after a quick breakfast we cross the forest for half an hour, then another half hour with carriages (bio transportation, which has its charm, especially for the high school students from Liechtenstein) and then work until 16.00. Not too many breaks, without sing-songs and especially without whining... Cheerful, open hearts and tensed muscles.


After returning from the work camp sites, on the same itinerary, two hours of spiritual program follow: intense, active, with games and targeted reflection without light stories, time for personal reflection and contemplative meditation. After dinner, High Mass: major moment in the chapel-tent, of thanksgiving for what each received that day. Then, the night security service follows: two by two, the young people keep the animals away from simple supplies food is cooked for us and they remove more and more the fear of the dark and of the stranger I did not know and who I learn to love him because we serve together. Small sympathies, specific to age and many tears at farewell. There is much talking about the "spirit of Lărguţa", a spirit which is much needed in our world. A spirit that in which the physical capabilities and resources are used in the service of the poor, where the spirituality is not exhilaration of piety but contemplation in action.







Larguta – Was ist das?

Larguta ist ein kleines Dorf in Rumänien. Für einige liechtensteinische Jugendliche ist Larguta aber mittlerweile mehr als nur ein kleines zuvor unbekanntes Dorf. 
Larguta ist zu einem Synonym für Hilfe und Dienst am Nächsten geworden.
Larguta steht für einfaches Leben ohne jeglichen Komfort, für Bescheidenheit, Zufriedenheit und Solidarität in der Gemeinschaft.
Larguta steht auch  für Entbehrungen und Überfluss.
Larguta bietet Gastfreundschaft und baut Vorurteile ab. 
Larguta ist zum Synonym für Freundschaft geworden.
Larguta steht für Spiritualität.

 (Andreas Aczel, LG Vaduz)