Support for families



This service was settled in 1998 to support families in need, in Bucharest and Bacau.

The main beneficiaries are families affected by:
- Lack of adult vocational qualification or problems in professional reorientation.
- Vulnerabilities due to severe illness (including alcoholism).
- Inability of parents to fulfill their parental roles.
- Poverty and / or social isolation (sometimes due to the large number of children).
- Children without parents, in the care of grandparents (usually themselves vulnerable materially and physically helpless) are a special category , being supported in order to avoid separation from the family.


Project activities are focused on:
- Social counseling and moral support to families in order to increase their self-management ability.
- Regular visit of families at risk to detect early emergency situations (for example, housing in poor condition or improper for children raise and care; support in their repair and cleaning).
- Scholl and/or professional training abandonment prevention, to increase their personal and family self-determination for the future.