About us





YANA Foundation is a non-governmental, apolitical, independent organization which aims to create and implement projects to support families, lonely left persons, children and other social groups in situations of vulnerability.
As a representative of YANA -You Are Not Alone Charitable Foundation, based in Liechtenstein, YANA Foundation implements projects for families, elderly, children and young people in Bacau, Nicolae Balcescu village, without limiting this area of assistance and social care.


Having 18 years of activity, YANA is a working group founded in 1996 by Lady Antonia Frick. She came to Romania in 1995, having an experience of 26 years as President of the family aid program "Familienhilfe Liechtenstein", with the desire to create and sustain in our country support projects for families and other vulnerable social groups. She began her work by seeking and choosing collaborators in specialized universities environment in Bucharest, where she made her first strategic investment by providing scholarships to social care students, some of which have founded afterwards several social programs in various areas of the country.


In 1997 she established the first social projects for families and the elderly in Bucharest and Bacau, together with Romanian specialists. Thus arises Bucureştii Noi Foundation, in those years when the specter of immediate evacuation due to utilities debt for large families or impoverished because of unemployment or illness was a common situation. Support consisted of - as needed - financial help to pay the utilities, emergency repairs, medicines and surgeries, basic food, clothing and supplies for school. Since then, in Bucharest and Bacau, hundreds of families marked by fundamental flaws for a decent living, but strongly determined to do everything for their children, were accompanied for several years.


During the last years, by founding of day care centers for children, YANA wanted to respond to specific situations in which children from families in need, especially single parents, are at risk, even on the verge of family estrangement or school abandonment. Today, in this case, we daily accompany eighty children in their training and development, through services meant to improve quality of life and to give them a chance for a better future through education. We offer these services in partnership with Nicolae Balcescu’s public administration, with the schools in the area, with other public institutions and non-governmental organizations.


YANA’a activities are financed in 90% by the Liechtenstein Foundation, where the entire activity of the Foundation is made voluntarily, without administration costs, all the money goes directly to the projects in Romania.


The main sponsors are  Hoval, Sika România, Industrie & Finanzkontor Vaduz, Fundaţia Medicor.